Kenny Bedrosian

Founder / Senior Advisor

Kenny and his two brothers founded National Raisin in 1969. From the farms to the receiving yard, from the production line to the shipping bay – Kenny has been involved in every part of National Raisin. In 1976 he even created the poly paper raisin tray, which is still used throughout the entire raisin industry to prevent the growth of mold during harvest rainfall. Currently, he holds a senior advisory role with the company where he continues to express his creative and innovative ideas. It’s all in the family for Kenny, he and his wife Jane live just minutes from the plant and all three of his children, Paul, Ara and Kimberly hold a position at the company.  You’ll see him arriving at the plant every morning with a briefcase in hand and smile on his face.

A perfect day for Kenny consists of morning coffee with friends, a visit to the farms, and a nice walk with his dog Ruby – all followed by a little afternoon nap. Kenny continues to farm, however his green thumb isn’t just for raisins. His flower garden is spectacular, with over 80 varieties of brightly colored flowers, including 70 varieties of roses. Kenny’s voice may be soft spoken but his love and passion for this company’s continued success is heard loud and clear. 

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