As growers, taking care of the Earth comes natural to us.

We’ve long understood that the hard work of today leads to the rewards of tomorrow. That’s why we take advantage of every opportunity to conserve resources and increase efficiencies – benefits that we pass down to our customers, employees, family and community.


The sun doesn't just power our plants, it powers our plant - 85% of it to be exact. And it all comes from our 3.5 megawatt solar installation, the largest privately owned one in California.


All organic waste enters our 12-million gallon anaerobic digester, where microorganisms (really, really tiny bugs) break down the matter into reusable water and bio gas. The water is used to irrigate our surrounding vineyards while the bio gas powers the digester, making it completely self-sustaining.

LED Lights

We’ve installed LED lights across our entire 400,000 sq. ft. facility, which reduces our energy usage by 90%. The future is bright indeed.

Recycling Program

Our entire waste stream is 100% recycled. We categorize everything from cardboard and paper to plastic and metal, recycling these materials on a daily basis.

Electric Fork Lifts

We use electric forklifts throughout the plant. That helps eliminate emissions and reduces our carbon footprint.

Cattle Feed

Raisin and prune bi-products are sold to local dairies as cattle feed. Even the cows like us.


Our solar farm generates enough energy to power 825 homes.