LindaKay Abdulian

President / CEO

As captain of the ship, LindaKay is the person who makes the whole operation go. LindaKay attended California State University of Fresno, where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. After graduation, LindaKay made the move to Los Angeles; she would reside there for 20 years before fate intervened. Her father, founding brother Krikor Bedrosian, was diagnosed with an illness that made his health uncertain. LindaKay put her life in Los Angeles on hold and made the move back to Central California. Upon return, she began working at National Raisin Company, which allowed to her to spend as much time as possible with her father. From there LindaKay and her father would bond the best way they knew how, by working tirelessly alongside one another.

As she continued to dive into the business she would move onto VP of Operations, and eventually President and CEO. Since taking the position as President and CEO in 2013 her routine has been simple; a swim in the morning, catching up with friends on her drive in and meetings that take up most of her day but somehow, no two days are ever alike, and that’s her favorite part! Currently, LindaKay’s focus is on optimizing the day-to-day operations while simultaneously putting the company in position to execute its long term strategies.

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