Paul-David Bedrosian

VP of Southern Properties

…and in the right corner, coming in at 5’9” weighing 260 from Fowler, California known as the “Dehydrator” Paul David Bedrosian… *ring.* That is the sound of Paul David’s alarm ringing each morning and the dream that could have been. Each day, bright and early, Paul David hits the gym running before he makes his daily 44 mile drive down to the southern properties, where he manages both National Raisin Company dehydrators and over 500 acres of citrus, walnuts, prunes, figs and table grapes. The energy he takes to the gym each morning somehow seems to last throughout the day, always coming to work with enthusiasm and a good attitude.

He may be able to rip a phone book in half and have his name on the wall of the gym, but don’t let his ability to bench press 315 pounds fool you, he’s really a kid at heart. More specifically, a Transformers fanatic, with a room full of collectible figurines and decals on every car he has ever owned. So whether its grapes turning into raisins, or automobiles turning into robots Paul David is an expert at making things transform.

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