North America’s largest supplier of Private Label dried fruit.

Private Label sells more than any brand in the dried fruit category, and we’re a driving force behind it. Our ability to provide premium quality products at an economic price gives you the leverage needed to grow your brand into a category leader. Our in-house design, quality and regulatory experts allow us to streamline the entire process from start to finish.  That means 1 order, 1 invoice, and 1 shipment. Logistical advantage? Check.  


We have farms and certified vendors across the globe. Between them we can provide whatever dried fruit item you need, including a full line of organics, enrobed snacks and dried vegetables. Below is a look at some of the items we currently offer, a list that’s continually growing thanks to the continuous stream of fresh products and ideas coming from our in-house R&D lab.

Seedless Raisins
Jumbo Seedless Raisins
Golden Raisins
Pitted Prunes
Black Mission Figs
Deglet Noor Dates
Diced Dates
Dried Cherries
Cocoa Yogurt Raisins
Dried Cranberries
Dried Apricots
Dried Blueberries
Dried Philippine Mango
Dried Mango
Dried Bananas
Custom Dried Fruit Blend
Dried Pears
Dried Apples
Dried Pineapple
Toasted Coconut
Dried Strawberries
Trail Mix


Our array of industry-leading technology allows us to provide packaging options others simply cannot. No matter what the size, form, weight or material – you name it and we’ll pack it.


2.5 - 60 oz


9 - 20 oz

Bag in Boxes

3 - 15 oz


0.5 - 1.5 oz


Our experienced design team works as a medium between artist and printer, ensuring your design concepts are reflected accurately on the final product. Meanwhile, our regulatory experts verify that your design follows any and all food labeling regulations, no matter where it is sold.



The market share for Private Label dried fruit outpaces all other Private Label categories by over 5%.