Industrial Bulk

We create dried fruit ingredients that are perfect for you.

The world’s largest food manufacturers use our fruit – in cereals, bars, pastries, nut mixes and many other products.

So why us?

It starts with our quality. We grow our own fruit, which means crop updates aren’t heard through the grapevine – they’re seen on our grapevines. We personally tend to our fruit at every stage of the growing cycle. The result? A constant yield of the world’s finest fruit, season after season.

But it’s not just the quality of our fruit. It’s what we do with it once it leaves the farm. National Raisin Company has the most technologically advanced dried fruit factory in the world. We produce fruit that is cleaner, higher quality and made to the more exacting specifications. Our customers love it because it makes their factories work better and more efficiently. Their customers love it because it means every bite tastes as good as the one before.



Raisins have more potassium per gram than bananas.